Best Stock Trading App for iPhone

The Best Stock Trading Apps for iPhones Reviewed

Offering tailor-made interfaces coupled with fantastic services, modern features and some of the lowest fees on the market, these are the very best stock trading apps for iPhone. Expertly designed both visually and technically to ensure that it runs smoothly, quickly and with the utmost security, they blow the competition out of the water in every facet, making them the top choices on the market. Whether you prefer to trade stocks, forex, commodities or even crypto and regardless of where you live, we'll find the perfect stock trading app for your iPhone and ensure you have an excellent mobile trading experience.

All apps shown have been thoroughly tested and reviewed not only by our team but by millions of other users all over the world.

With a responsive interface and smart design, all the apps listed are fully mobile compatible, allowing you to trade anywhere at anytime.

All apps and services selected use unparalleled levels of security to ensure all of your data and transactions are always safe.

After careful analysis, thorough research and in-depth testing, the choices we'll be taking a look at below are the ones that stood out from the competition. With smart, elegant designs and rock-solid reliability coupled with super low trading fees, highly responsive interfaces, fast and secure trades and many other golden qualities, they're unmatched in both service and quality. Apart from this, they're also officially licensed and regulated, highly respected by the stock trading community in general and also practice the highest security standards, keeping your data safe and ensuring you have a great experience. Finally, and with huge relevance to this topic, they also offer the very best stock trading apps for iPhone users - fast, safe, smooth and tailor-made to suit the system.

Without further ado, let’s see how the best stock trading apps for iPhone compare to each other in terms of fees, features, leverage, regions covered, bonuses and other essential qualities.

Best Stock Trading Apps for iPhone Comparison

All-Time Best for Stocks, Forex & More


USA Winner

Since 1974
Stocks, Forex, Crypto & More
Acc. Min: 250
Leverage: 2x to 200x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account

Overall Winner

Since 2008
International (except USA)
CFDs of Stocks, Forex, Crypto & More
Acc. Min: 0
Leverage: 30x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account

EU Winner

IQ Options
Since 2013
International (except USA)
Stocks, Forex, Crypto & More
Acc. Min: 10
Leverage: 30x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account


AVA Trade
Since 2006
International (except USA)
Acc. Min: 100
Leverage: 2x to 400x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account

Best Stock Trading Apps for iPhone Reviews

All of the best stock trading apps for iPhones, thoroughly reviewed for you

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of the best stock trading apps featured previously. This will let you know exactly what they have to offer, making it easy to find the perfect one for you.


Launched in 2008 and quickly becoming a market leader, Plus500 has boomed in popularity because of its straightforward service, high sign-up bonuses, low fees and great trading platform. They are among the world's best and most popular CFD traders ever, particularly in Europe, offering a wide variety of markets and investment instruments to choose from, including classic stocks, forex, commodities, and even cryptocurrencies.

It's available in over 60 countries and it's also officially translated in 32 different languages, ensuring that it's a global brand and that it's also perfectly adapted to your needs regardless of your country or preferred language. Their trading platform, available on PC and all mobile devices, is simple but very powerful and gives you access to everything you need to trade effectively while on the go - from real-time updates to charting, automatic orders and quick trades, it's a fantastic mobile experience. The continuous updates are not only exciting but accurate too, sparing you the trouble of having to use other graphs and charts outside of the app. Plus500 also offers a great 30x leverage system to give you much more trading power, even on a smaller bankroll, which will certainly be highly appreciated by everyone - especially experts.

Couple all this with swift, top-notch customer support, a wide range of payment options for both deposits and withdrawals, and a tailor-made app for the iOS and you've got yourself a true contender for the title of the best stock trading app for iPhones.

Other information: 80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Plus500UK Ltd authorised & regulated by the FCA (#509909).

IG Markets

IG, also known as IG Markets or Investor's Gold, is not only one of the oldest and most well established brokers in the world, but it's also currently one of the very best. It was founded way back in 1974 and it has steadily developed, expanded and enhanced its service ever since then. As a CFD trader you can choose from a wide and varied range of markets and trading instruments such as regular stocks, commodities, forex, cryptos and more - perfectly adapting to you preferences - all while trading freely and without worries due to the service's extremely low fees, quick and secure trades and overall excellent service.

IG Markets is available worldwide - even in the USA (which is a tough place to acquire a license) - as they're officially licensed nearly globally and it's also available in a variety of different languages, making them a great choice wherever you are and whichever your preferred language is. You'll need to perform a minimum deposit of 250 bucks to open an account and right from the beginning there is a sign-up bonus which instantly gives you more trading power to start with. The service, platform and staff team of IG are all highly professional, coming together to deliver an excellent experience on all levels and ensuring that you have a safe, enjoyable and comfortable experience.

You can use IG on any PC and mobile device, and the platform is always straightforward, effective and has a range of advanced features and characteristics, making it not only simple for newcomers to use but also capable of adapting to any professionals' needs. Their iOS app is super responsive, runs smoothly, has all the information and tools you need (from charting to automatic orders and more) and it also allows for extremely quick trades - ensuring that you never lose a chance to make a profit - all while their extra low fees enable you to trade often and without worries. Deposits and withdrawals are processed very quickly and both of them can be done in a multitude of ways, adapting to your preferred options.

IG Markets has been a popular choice for decades and it shows no signs of slowing down, it's constantly improving, expanding and innovating, making it not only one of the best stock trading apps for iPhone users but for anyone in general as well.

IQ Options

As soon as it launched in 2013, IQ Option revolutionized the binary options industry and became popular not just because of the innovative ideas and extremely good looking interface but also for the excellent service it provides and the very low minimum account deposit (10 bucks). Ever since its release it has constantly improved its platform and expanded from offering just binary options all the way up to stock trading, forex, commodities, cryptos and more - all with 20 x leverage available and all while maintaining the stunningly good looking interface quality. It's also officially licensed and available in a multitude of countries and languages, adding to its versatility.

Trading with IQ Option is not just smooth and secure, as with many other services, but also super entertaining and exciting due to the incredibly responsive interface, beautifully modern design, real-time charting capabilities and fantastic community interaction (you can talk with traders, join trading competitions to win big prizes, see how's the general sentiment on a particular stock and even automatically copy all trades from the best traders on the platform). As already mentioned, you can choose a wide variety of markets and instruments, adapting to your preferences, and also have a ton of other bonus details that make all the difference like real-time updates and notifications, instructional videos on a very wide variety of trading topics and events, excellent customer support and of course, one of the very best mobile trading experiences you can get. Whatever your iOS device is, the IQ Option platform is custom-made to fit it perfectly and offer you the full desktop experience on the go - including its gorgeous visuals, advanced charting capabilities, super responsive interface and more - making it one of the best stock trading apps for iPhone users.

IQ Option's qualities are many and they keep growing every day so the best thing you can do is give them a try and see what all the buzz about it is about - we highly recommend it!

AVA Trade

ava trade stock trading appAVA Trade is yet another excellent choice on our list of the best stock trading apps for iPhone users. It's a leader in the world of stock trading and a well established one as well, starting in 2006 and highly expanding ever since. It's now licensed in over 5 continents, making it extremely flexible as well as popular, and it has one great feature over the other choices - it allows you to use not only their own trading platform but also link their service with any of the classic trading platforms like MetaTrader and DupliTrade which is excellent news for veterans.

While beginners are absolutely going to enjoy AVA Trade's platform (which is super easy to use, effective, highly responsive and expertly designed too), hardened veterans will certainly appreciate the opportunity to make use of their favorite classic platforms. All of these platforms are available on PC and also in mobile devices (Android and iOS of course) and they're in perfect harmony with the service provided by AVA Trade. Now even though AVA Trade's PC platform is great, special mention has to go to their AVATradeGo mobile app (which is also more relevant to this article). which offers one of the best mobile trading experiences available. With regard to the trading options, you can trade CFD stocks, forex or cryptocurrencies, all at fairly low fees, and all you need to get started with AVATrade is to make a deposit of only 100 bucks. Other goodies such as instructional videos to hone your skills and friendly customer support also help to make using AVA Trade a safe, secure and enjoyable experience.

They also offer fast and safe transactions, as well as automated trading capabilities which will definitely be enjoyed by many traders. In the end, AVA Trade is a fantastically strong service all around.


best stock trading app logoOut of all the fierce competitors, the winners above positively stand out and are worthy of being called the best stock trading app for iPhone users. All of them offer high-quality, professional services paired with smart, talented design and the lowest market fees. If you're fresh to the stock market, always study up and use the demo modes available on the platforms before you dive in completely.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or simply want to share your opinion, be sure to leave a comment below, we're here to help!

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