Best Stock Trading App for Beginners

The Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners Reviewed

If you're new to the world of stock trading and want a solution that perfectly adapts to you, then you've come to the right place - today we'll be taking a look at the best stock trading apps for beginners, ensuring you find the perfect one for your needs. With easy to use interfaces, fast service, smooth customer service and effective step-by-step instructional videos that ensure you learn quickly, the apps we've tested, reviewed, compared and chosen for you stand out from the competition as the very best stock trading apps for beginners. As a bonus, they also offer the lowest fees on the market - giving you more room to breathe and experiment - and also have demo modes so that you can get hands-on experience in real time (which is highly valuable) without ever using real money. All of these qualities combined ensure that you have an excellent experience as a complete beginner and quickly learn how to get better and more successful in a safe, entertaining and super educational environment. Whether you’re interested in stocks, forex, crypto or any other trading instrument and regardless of your country or state, we've got the right solution for you - now let's dive in!

All apps shown have been thoroughly tested and reviewed not only by our team but by millions of other users all over the world.

With a responsive interface and smart design, all the apps listed are fully mobile compatible, allowing you to trade anywhere at anytime.

All apps and services selected use unparalleled levels of security to ensure all of your data and transactions are always safe.

Out of dozens of great competitors, these stand out not only due to being extra beginner-friendly but also for offering an excellent service in general. From smart and highly responsive interface designs to super fast trading, unbreakable reliability, safe transactions and fantastic trading tools (such as real time charting), they offer an unmatched high quality experience at all times. All of the winners we'll see below are also officially licensed, highly respected by the stock trading community and practice the highest safety standards, keeping all of your data and transactions safe and ensuring a beautifully smooth, secure service. On top of all of these qualities, they also deliver one of the most critical requirements for today's world - a mobile app that works on any platform (iOS, Android, PC) and delivers a highly responsive, well-designed interface with all the tools you need such as charting tools and real-time updates. This keeps you connected to your investments at all times and ensures you're always able to access them anywhere at anytime with ease.

Without further ado, let’s see how the best stock trading apps for beginners compare to each other in terms of features, fees, regions covered, bonuses and other essentials.

Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners Comparison

All-Time Best for Stocks, Forex & More


USA Winner

Since 1974
Stocks, Forex, Crypto & More
Acc. Min: 250
Leverage: 2x to 200x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account

Overall Winner

Since 2008
International (except USA)
CFDs of Stocks, Forex, Crypto & More
Acc. Min: 0
Leverage: 30x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account

EU Winner

IQ Options
Since 2013
International (except USA)
Stocks, Forex, Crypto & More
Acc. Min: 10
Leverage: 30x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account


AVA Trade
Since 2006
International (except USA)
Acc. Min: 100
Leverage: 2x to 400x
Low Trading Fees
Demo Account

Best Stock Trading App for Beginners Reviews

All of the best stock trading apps for beginners, thoroughly reviewed for you

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of the best stock trading apps for beginners featured previously. This will let you know exactly what they have to offer and how they differ from one another, making it easy to find the perfect one for you.


Plus500, which launched in 2008, has rocketed in popularity ever since thanks to its super simple to use app, massive bonuses and low fees. They are among the best CFD traders in the world, particularly in Europe, and offer a variety of markets, including traditional stocks, forex, commodities and even cryptocurrencies.

As a worldwide service, it's official licensed in more than 60 countries and perfectly adapts to your preferred language, offering more than 32 different ones. Their trading platform, which is available on desktop as well as on any mobile device (iOS and Android), is straightforward and powerful, making it quick and easy to perform trades, adjust settings, use real-time charting and all other common tasks. All of this is due to the app's incredibly smooth, well-designed interface. Real-time updates not only keep things exciting but also accurate and provide all the necessary information without you having to check other charts online. Plus500 also provides a great leveraging system of up to 30x, giving you more freedom and opening doors to some really impactful trades, especially when you start becoming more experienced but have a smaller bankroll.

Combine all these features with excellent customer service and a range of payment options for both deposits and withdrawals, and you have a truly high quality trading app. Easily one of the very best stock trading apps for beginners and in general as well.

Other information: 80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Plus500UK Ltd authorised & regulated by the FCA (#509909).

IG Markets

IG is one of the largest and oldest brokers in the world. Also known as IG or Investor Gold, it was established in 1974, and ever since it has constantly innovated and improved, finally reaching the modern days and delivering one of the very best stock trading apps for beginners and for all users in general as well. As a CFD broker, you can choose from a wide array of markets and instruments -like stocks, forex, commodities, bitcoins and more -all while maintaining extremely low fees, swift trading and a high-quality service overall.

You only need 250 bucks to open an account and a bonus can be given right from the beginning, so you can start with more room to breathe and have a bit more trading power from the get-go. IG's service is extremely professional and makes the whole experience much more pleasant and smooth, from its top notch stock trading app to their helpful customer support and deeply useful and highly recommended educational videos, you're covered with an awesome service all around.

The application itself is simple, easy to use and perfectly adapts to newcomers while at the same time it also offers a range of advanced features to insure the pros have everything they need too as well. Buying and selling positions is extremely fast, meaning that you never miss your chance to make a profit, all the while their super low fees ensure you can trade often and without worries.

Deposits and withdrawals are quick and can be done in a wide variety of ways, which is great since everyone has a preferred system. As a bonus, they are licensed and regulated nearly globally – including in the USA – which makes them a fantastic choice for anyone, regardless of where you might live. In short, it's yet another excellent choice and worthy of being considered one of the very best stock trading apps for beginners.

IQ Options

When IQ Options came to the stage in 2013, the binary options market was completely revolutionized. With innovative ideas and an incredibly modern service that blew the competition out of the water, they quickly became one of the major players on the field. They've since expanded and improved immensely, becoming highly popular not only due to their excellent service and low account sign-up requirement (10 bucks), but also largely due to its unbelievable trading interface, ultra-modern design and superbly useful charting capabilities (which are available on desktop and on every mobile device whether it's iOS or Android) Since then, they also significantly expanded their offer moving from offering just options to CFDs (with accessible leverage of 20 x).

IQ Options gains your interest and makes the process of trading extremely entertaining due to their awesome and highly responsive interface, real time updates and trading tools. They offer you with a wide selection of very useful charting resources (from simple to really in-depth ones) so that both newcomers and professionals alike can benefit from them. Visual knowledge is frequently overlooked in the trade. The market and instruments you have to choose from, as mentioned above, are unbelievably smooth to trade. Their 24-hour customer service and their staff in general are very supportive, plus, they have a learning library that provides you with a lot of educational videos, useful tips and crucial updates, which is a fantastic resource for beginers. They also continuously improve their service offering and their platform too.

You can also participate in the IG community (and even automatically copy the trades of experienced users) and they often have contests in which you can win huge prizes without using your own money (it's a paper-money contest with real cash prizes). There's a reason for the growing popularity of IQ Option and a major one is that they're extremely welcoming of newcomers - making them one of the best stock trading app for beginners. Once you give it a go, you'll know exactly what the hype is all about.

AVA Trade

ava trade stock trading appHighly respected, continuously innovative and internationally accessible, AVA Trade is yet another fierce challenger for the title of the best stock trading app for beginners. Ever since their launch in 2006, AVA Trade has been expanding its license and regulation to five continents, thus turning them into a global brand while at the same time also working on their platform's quality, versatility and competitiveness. One great feature that's highly appreciated for the more experienced traders is that they enable you to either use their own unique trading platform or to simply use their service connected to whichever classic platform you prefer like the popular MetaTrader or DupliTrade.

Although hardened veterans will surely appreciate the convenience of being able to use their beloved classic platform, newcomers will absolutely enjoy AVA Trade's own platform which is incredibly easy to use, stunning to look at and really entertaining too. All of them are accessible on desktop as well as on mobile devices (both Android and iOS) plus they are quick, easy and in perfect sync with the service provided by AVA Trade. Their mobile app - AvaTradeGo - really shines due to being perfectly simple, very well designed, responsive and one of the best experiences in smartphone trading today.

You'll be able to trade CFDs with incredibly low fees - from classic stocks to forex and cryptocurrency - and you can get started with just 100 bucks because that's their account opening minimum. To insure that your knowledge keeps increasing and that your abilities stay sharp, they provide you with highly informative videos and articles, which is always appreciated, plus their customer service is always swift and helpful.

In addition to all this, they also offer fast and secure transactions and even automated trading capabilities, which I am sure will certainly be enjoyed by many traders. AVA Trade is a great choice and a fantastically solid service all around, making it one of the best stock trading apps for beginners.


best stock trading app logoOffering a high-quality, professional service with the lowest fees on the market that's also expertly designed, highly responsive and extremely welcoming to newcomers, these truly are the very best stock trading apps for beginners. As a newcomer to the stock trading world, make sure to study up on all the essentials and always use the demo versions before diving into the real experience. This will ensure that you're well prepared and well versed on all the unique language as well, keeping things clear and highly improving your chances of success.

Thanks as always for reading and be sure to leave a comment below if you've got any questions or simply want to leave your opinion - we're here to help and we'll answer as fast as possible!

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